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(1960 - 1982)

A list of paperback titles published under the Everyman's Library label, from 1960 through 1982, is presented below.   Note that the serial numbers for the paperbacks are 1000 added to the serial number of the companion hardcover serial number.

If a title is highlighted, one or more images are available for that title.

Leading articles (A, An, and The) have been removed from titles.  Genre (section) abbreviations follow Seymour's Guide and are enumerated here.  The genre listed for each title is either the last assigned by EL, or, in the case where a title was released after EL stopped providing genre designations, one which the Amenities' editor decided the title would have been given.

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1001.1 Boswell Life of Samuel Johnson (Vol 1) BIO
1002.1 Boswell Life of Samuel Johnson (Vol 2) BIO
1006.2 Thomas Under Milk Wood POD
1008.1 Lamb, C. and M. Tales from Shakespeare FYP
1009.1 Aurelius Meditations CLA
1010.1 Bacon Essays EBL
1011.1 Coleridge Biographia Literaria EBL
1012.1 Emerson Essays, First Series and Second Series EBL
1014.1 Lamb, C. Essays of Elia ; Last Essays of Elia EBL
1016.1 Scott, W. Ivanhoe FIC
1018.2 Carroll Through the Looking Glass FYP
1019.2 Roper & Harpsfield Lives of Sir Thomas More BIO
1021.1 Austen Sense and Sensibility FIC
1022.1 Austen Pride and Prejudice FIC
1023.1 Austen Mansfield Park FIC
1024.1 Austen Emma FIC
1025.1 Austen Northanger Abbey ; Persuasion FIC
1026.1 Balzac Wild Ass's Skin FIC
1027.1 Eliot Adam Bede FIC
1028.1 Kingsley Ravenshoe FIC
1030.1 Trollope Barchester Towers FIC
1038.2 Conrad Nostromo FIC
1041.2 Erickson Bloody Mary
1043.1 Coleridge Golden Book of Coleridge (> Poems) POD
1045.1 Malory Le Morte D'Arthur (Vol 1) ROM
1046.1 Malory Le Morte D'Arthur (Vol 2) ROM
1048.1 White Natural History of Selborne SCI
1050.1 Speke Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile TRA
1051.1 Cellini Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini (> Autobiography of) BIO
1052.1 Southey Life of Nelson BIO
1053.1 Pepys Diary (Vol 1) BIO
1054.1 Pepys Diary (Vol 2) BIO
1055.2 Pepys Diary (Vol 3) BIO
1059.1 Defoe Robinson Crusoe ; Farther Adventures FYP
1059.2 Defoe Robinson Crusoe FIC
1060.1 Swift Gulliver's Travels FYP
1064.1 Plato Republic CLA
1070.1 Walton Compleat Angler EBL
1072.1 Scott, W. Woodstock FIC
1073.1 Thackeray Henry Esmond FIC
1074.1 Defoe Captain Singleton FIC
1075.1 Scott, W. Waverley FIC
1076.1 Dickens Barnaby Rudge FIC
1079.1 Cooper Last of the Mohicans FIC
1080.1 Lytton Last Days of Pompeii FIC
1081.1 Dumas Three Musketeers FIC
1082.1 Marryat Mr Midshipman Easy FIC
1083.1 Gaskell Cranford FIC
1084.2 Conrad Set of Six FIC
1086.2 Conrad Suspense FIC
1087.2 Conrad Rescue FIC
1090.2 Misc Six Middle English Romances POD
1091.1 Law Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life PHT
1092.1 Browne Religio Medici and Other Writings PHT
1094.1 Burns Poems and Songs POD
1096.1 Palgrave Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics POD
1097.1 Misc Mabinogion ROM
1101.1 Keats Poems POD
1102.1 Dickens Tale of Two Cities FIC
1104.1 Darwin Voyage of HMS Beagle round the World SCI
1105.2 Saki Short Stories FIC
1106.2 Thomas Miscellany One: Poems, Stories, Broadcasts POD
1107.2 Thomas Miscellany Two: A Visit to Grandpa's and other Stories and Poems POD
1108.2 Thomas Miscellany Three: Poems, Stories POD
1109.2 Shaw Devil's Disciple ; Major Barbara ; Saint Joan POD
1110.2 Gaskell Wives and Daughters FIC
1111.2 Ibsen Hedda Gabler POD
1112.2 Fielding Journey from this World to the Next FIC
1113.1 Kingsley Heroes FYP
1115.1 Arnold Essays Literary and Critical > Essays in Criticism EBL
1116.1 Brown Rab and His Friends, and Other Essays EBL
1118.2 Jerome Three Men in a Boat ; Three Men on the Bummel FIC
1118.3 Jerome Three Men in a Boat FIC
1119.1 Borrow Lavengro FIC
1120.1 Borrow Romany Rye FIC
1121.1 Eliot Silas Marner FIC
1122.1 Hawthorne Scarlet Letter FIC
1123.1 Mulock John Halifax, Gentleman FIC
1125.2 Blake Selected Poems POD
1126.1 Scott, W. Antiquary FIC
1129.1 Scott, W. Bride of Lammermoor FIC
1133.1 Scott, W. Guy Mannering FIC
1134.1 Scott, W. Heart of Midlothian FIC
1135.1 Scott, W. Kenilworth FIC
1137.1 Scott, W. Old Mortality FIC
1140.1 Scott, W. Quentin Durward FIC
1141.1 Scott, W. Redgauntlet FIC
1142.1 Scott, W. Rob Roy FIC
1144.1 Scott, W. Talisman FIC
1149.2 Misc Modern Short Stories 2: 1940 - 1980 FIC
1158.2 Misc Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories FIC
1168.2 Shakespeare Sonnets POD
1169.1 Balzac Eugenie Grandet FIC
1170.1 Balzac Old Goriot FIC
1173.1 Dickens Old Curiosity Shop FIC
1174.1 Dumas Black Tulip FIC
1176.1 Hawthorne House of the Seven Gables FIC
1179.1 Melville Moby Dick FIC
1181.1 Trollope Framley Parsonage FIC
1182.1 Trollope Warden FIC
1184.2 Barrie Plays and Stories POD
1185.2 Ingoldsby (Barham) Ingoldsby Legends POD
1187.2 Conrad Arrow of Gold FIC
1188.2 Conrad Almayer's Folly ; Tales of Unrest FIC
1188.3 Jerome Three Men on the Bummel FIC
1189.2 Conrad Mirror of the Sea ; Personal Record BIO
1190.2 Conrad Shadow Line ; Within the Tides FIC
1190.3 Conrad Typhoon ; Shadow Line FIC
1191.2 Conrad Under Western Eyes FIC
1198.2 Wilde Picture of Dorian Grey FIC
1200.1 Augustine Confessions BIO
1204.1 Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress ROM
1205.1 Park Travels of Mungo Park (> Travels in Africa) TRA
1219.1 Ruskin Sesame and the Lilies ; Two Paths ; King of the Golden River EBL
1220.2 Evelyn Diary of John Evelyn (in one volume) BIO
1223.1 De Quincey Confessions of an English Opium-Eater EBL
1228.2 Conrad Victory FIC
1229.2 Lawrence Short Stories FIC
1233.1 Dickens Oliver Twist FIC
1234.1 Dickens Great Expectations FIC
1235.1 Dickens Pickwick Papers FIC
1236.1 Dickens Bleak House FIC
1237.1 Dickens Sketches by Boz FIC
1238.1 Dickens Nicholas Nickleby FIC
1239.1 Dickens Christmas Books (> Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books) FIC
1239.2 Dickens Christmas Carol and The Chimes FIC
1241.1 Dickens Martin Chuzzlewit FIC
1242.1 Dickens David Copperfield FIC
1243.2 Brontė, E. Wuthering Heights ; with Selected Poems FIC
1244.2 Nelson Letters EBL
1245.2 James, H. Selected Tales FIC
1246.2 Misc Everyman's Book of Evergreen Verse POD
1247.2 Misc Buddha's Philosophy of Man PHT
1248.1 Alcott Little Women and Good Wives FYP
1253.2 Doyle Hound of the Baskervilles FIC
1259.2 Kirby (tr) Kalevala (in one volume) ROM
1262.1 Harvey Circulation of the Blood SCI
1266.2 Misc Great Tales of the Supernatural FIC
1267.2 Misc Great Tales of Humour FIC
1277.2 Misc Everyman's Book of Nonsense FIC
1278.1 Carlyle Sartor Resartus EBL
1280.1 Machiavelli Prince EBL
1281.1 Thoreau Walden EBL
1282.2 Conrad Secret Agent FIC
1287.1 Brontė, C. Jane Eyre FIC
1288.1 Brontė, C. Shirley FIC
1289.1 Defoe Journal of the Plague Year FIC
1292.1 Dickens Hard Times FIC
1293.1 Dickens Little Dorrit FIC
1294.1 Dickens Our Mutual Friend FIC
1295.1 Goldsmith Vicar of Wakefield FIC
1298.1 Thackeray Vanity Fair FIC
1300.1 Creasy Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World HIS
1301.1 Prescott Conquest of Peru HIS
1304.1 Blackmore Lorna Doone FIC
1306.1 Polo Travels TRA
1307.1 Chaucer Canterbury Tales POD
1308.1 Dante Divine Comedy POD
1317.1 Hutchinson, L. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson BIO
1318.1 Gaskell Life of Charlotte Bronte BIO
1319.1 Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea FYP
1325.1 Eliot Mill on the Floss FIC
1326.1 Dumas Marguerite de Valois FIC
1327.1 Peacock Headlong Hall ; Nightmare Abbey FIC
1332.3 Locke Essay Concering Human Understanding (Vol 1) SCI
1333.1 Villehardouin Memoirs of the Crusades HIS
1334.1 Arnold Poems POD
1335.1 Goethe Faust POD
1336.1 Poe Tales of Mystery and Imagination FIC
1346.2 Cawley (ed) Pearl ; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ROM
1347.1 Swift Tale of a Tub; Battle of the Books ; Other Satires EBL
1350.1 Blackmore Springhaven FIC
1351.1 Brontė, C. Villette FIC
1355.1 Fielding Tom Jones (Vol 1) FIC
1356.1 Fielding Tom Jones (Vol 2) FIC
1360.1 Trollope Doctor Thorne FIC
1361.1 Trollope Small House at Allington FIC
1362.2 Gissing Nether World FIC
1371.1 Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin FYP
1380.1 Misc Koran PHT
1382.1 Longfellow Poems POD
1383.1 Marlowe Plays > Plays and Poems POD
1384.1 Milton Poems (Poetical Works) POD
1390.2 Misc Early Seventeenth Century Drama POD
1395.2 Conrad Rover FIC
1403.1 Misc Ramayana and Mahabharata PHT
1405.1 Herodotus History of Herodotus (Vol 1) CLA
1406.1 Herodotus History of Herodotus (Vol 2) CLA
1410.1 Edgeworth Castle Rackrent ; Absentee FIC
1414.1 Dickens Christmas Stories FIC
1417.1 Brontė, C. Professor FIC
1417.2 Brontė, C. Professor ; Emma FIC
1422.1 Hugo Hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris) FIC
1443.1 Spenser Faerie Queene (Vol 1) POD
1443.2 Spenser Faerie Queene: A Selection POD
1444.1 Spenser Faerie Queene (Vol 2) POD
1446.1 Bates Naturalist on the River Amazons SCI
1457.2 Plato Trial and Death of Socrates CLA
1461.1 More Utopia ; Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation PHT
1461.2 More Utopia PHT
1464.1 Collins Woman in White FIC
1465.1 Thackeray Newcomes (Vol 1) FIC
1466.1 Thackeray Newcomes (Vol 2) FIC
1467.1 Fielding Joseph Andrews FIC
1467.2 Fielding Joseph Andrews ; Shamela FIC
1468.1 Eliot Scenes of Clerical Life FIC
1469.1 Tolstoy Master and Man ; Other Parables and Tales FIC
1472.1 Bulfinch Age of Fable FYP
1479.1 Bede Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation ; etc HIS
1483.1 Berkeley New Theory of Vision and Other Writings PHT
1484.1 Kempis Imitation of Christ PHT
1489.1 Jonson Plays (Vol 1) POD
1490.1 Jonson Plays (Vol 2) POD
1493.2 Plato Timaeus CLA
1494.1 Ibsen Doll's House, and Two Other Plays POD
1501.1 Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment FIC
1502.1 Browning Ring and the Book (Vol 3) POD
1506.1 Beaumont, Fletcher Select Plays POD
1507.1 Thackeray Virginians (Vol 1) FIC
1508.1 Thackeray Virginians (Vol 2) FIC
1518.1 Rousseau Emile EBL
1524.1 Gaskell Sylvia's Lovers FIC
1528.1 Turgenev Virgin Soil FIC
1533.1 Dostoyevsky House of the Dead FIC
1536.1 Dickens Uncommercial Traveller FIC
1547.1 Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics (> Ethics) PHT
1548.1 Hume Treatise of Human Nature (Vol 1) PHT
1549.1 Hume Treatise of Human Nature (Vol 2) PHT
1552.1 Ibsen Ghosts and Two Other Plays POD
1558.1 Dasent Story of Burnt Njal ROM
1563.2 Clare Selected Poems POD
1568.2 Dryden Of Dramatic Poesy and Other Critical Essays (Vol 1) EBL
1570.1 Descartes Discourse on Method PHT
1571.1 Langland Piers Plowman (Book Concerning Piers Plowman) POD
1573.1 Whitman Leaves of Grass and Democratic Vistas > Leaves of Grass POD
1578.1 Layamon Arthurian Chronicles ROM
1581.2 Thomas Collected Poems POD
1588.1 Dana Two Years Before the Mast FIC
1589.1 Stow Survey of London TRA
1590.1 Ricardo Principles of Political Economy and Taxation SCI
1598.1 Gaskell Mary Barton FIC
1604.1 Misc Restoration Plays POD
1605.1 Aristotle Politics > Politics and the Athenian Constitution CLA
1611.2 Misc Greek Poetry POD
1616.1 Shelley, M. Frankenstein FIC
1617.1 Sterne Tristram Shandy FIC
1637.3 Hope Prisoner of Zenda FIC
1640.1 Crčvecoeur Letters from an American Farmer TRA
1654.1 Dostoyevsky Letters from the Underworld FIC
1657.1 Misc Aesop's and Other Fables FYP
1660.1 Rousseau Social Contract and Discourses PHT
1663.2 Misc Everyman Anthology
1664.1 Calderón de la Barca Life in Mexico TRA
1673.2 Gaskell Ruth FIC
1675.1 Misc Anthology of English Prose - From Bede to Stevenson EBL
1677.1 Turgenev Liza FIC
1680.1 Gaskell North and South FIC
1682.1 Dostoyevsky Idiot FIC
1683.1 Richardson Pamela (Vol 1) FIC
1684.1 Richardson Pamela (Vol 2) FIC
1685.1 Brontė, A. Tenant of Wildfell Hall FIC
1686.2 Brontė, A. Agnes Grey FIC
1690.2 Kipling Stories and Poems FIC
1691.1 Hobbes Leviathan PHT
1694.2 Conrad Youth; Heart of Darkness ; End of the Tether FIC
1698.1 Troyes Arthurian Romances ROM
1708.2 Hardy Stories and Poems FIC
1710.1 Scott, M. Tom Cringle's Log FIC
1711.1 Dostoyevsky Poor Folk ; Gambler FIC
1717.2 Sturluson Heimskringla: Part One - The Olaf Sagas, Volume 1 ROM
1718.1 Paine Rights of Man PHT
1719.1 Bacon Advancement of Learning PHT
1722.2 Sturluson Heimskringla: Part One - The Olaf Sagas, Volume 2 ROM
1740.3 Gogol Taras Bulba FIC
1741.1 Gorki Through Russia FIC
1743.1 Misc English Short Stories FIC
1746.1 Misc Golden Treasury of Longer Poems POD
1749.2 Misc Thirteen Famous Ghost Stories FIC
1751.1 Locke Two Treatises of Civil Government PHT
1758.1 Misc Short Stories from (> by) Russian Authors (> Russian Short Stories) FIC
1760.1 Pope Poems, Epistles, & Satires of Alexander Pope > Collected Poems POD
1762.3 Stevenson Kidnapped FIC
1763.1 Stevenson Treasure Island ; Kidnapped FIC
1763.2 Stevenson Treasure Island ; New Arabian Nights FIC
1763.3 Stevenson Treasure Island FIC
1764.2 Stevenson Master of Ballantrae ; Weir of Hermiston FIC
1766.1 Stevenson Inland Voyage, Travels with a Donkey and Silverado Squatters TRA
1767.1 Stevenson Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Merry Men, etc FIC
1770.2 Johnson Lives of the English Poets: A Selection BIO
1773.2 Misc Writing of the 'Nineties: from Wilde to Beerbohm
1779.1 Verne Five Weeks in a Balloon ; Around the World in Eighty Days FYP
1780.1 Voltaire Age of Louis XIV HIS
1783.2 Hardy Selected Poems POD
1790.1 Smollett Roderick Random FIC
1791.1 Poe Poems and Essays POD
1792.1 Blake Poems and Prophecies POD
1794.1 Misc Anglo-Saxon Poetry POD
1795.2 Milton Prose Writings POD
1796.1 Sterne Sentimental Journey and Journal to Eliza EBL
1798.1 Barbusse Under Fire FIC
1799.1 Owen New View of Society SCI
1801.1 Houghton Life and Letters of John Keats BIO
1806.1 Misc Book of Nonsense FYP
1808.1 Flaubert Madame Bovary FIC
1813.2 Misc Century of Humorous Verse POD
1815.1 Bunyan Grace Abounding ; Life and Death of Mr Badman PHT
1815.2 Bunyan Grace Abounding PHT
1817.1 Surtees Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities FIC
1818.1 Misc Eighteenth Century Plays > Beggar's Opera and Other Eighteenth Century Plays POD
1823.1 Chesterfield Letters to His Son and Others EBL
1824.1 Misc Shorter Novels - Elizabethan FIC
1825.1 Wollstonecraft; Mill Rights of Woman ; On the Subjection of Women SCI
1836.2 Carroll Alice in Wonderland FYP
1837.1 Defoe Moll Flanders FIC
1840.1 Misc American Short Stories of the Nineteenth Century FIC
1841.1 Misc Shorter Novels - Seventeenth Century FIC
1842.1 Micklewicz Pan Tadeusz FIC
1845.1 Boccaccio Decameron (Vol 1) ROM
1846.1 Boccaccio Decameron (Vol 2) ROM
1848.1 Marx Capital (Vol 1) SCI
1848.2 Marx Capital Complete Edition (in one volume) SCI
1849.1 Marx Capital (Vol 2) SCI
1850.1 Jefferies Bevis FYP
1851.1 Eckermann Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann EBL
1856.1 Misc Shorter Novels (Vol 3) - Eighteenth Century FIC
1858.1 Wilde Plays, Prose Writings & Poems POD
1863.1 Du Maurier Trilby FIC
1865.2 Radcliffe Mysteries of Udolpho (in one volume) FIC
1867.1 Donne Poems POD
1869.1 Flaubert Salammbo FIC
1873.1 Misc Minor Poets of the Seventeenth Century POD
1877.1 Fielding Jonathan Wild ; Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon FIC
1878.1 Goncharov Oblomov FIC
1889.2 Misc Reader's Guide to Everyman's Library REF
1892.1 Nietzsche Thus Spake Zarathustra PHT
1893.2 Austen Northanger Abbey FIC
1894.2 Austen Persuasion FIC
1895.1 Butler, S. Way of All Flesh FIC
1896.1 Misc French Short Stories FIC
1897.1 Zola Germinal FIC
1898.1 Pushkin Captain's Daughter, and Other Tales FIC
1899.1 Webster and Ford Selected Plays POD
1904.1 Stevenson St Ives FIC
1907.1 Maupassant Short Stories FIC
1909.1 Kant Critique of Pure Reason PHT
1912.1 James, H. Turn of the Screw ; Aspern Papers FIC
1913.1 Chesterton, G. K. Stories, Essays, and Poems EBL
1915.2 Wells Time Machine FIC
1916.1 Meredith Ordeal of Richard Feverel FIC
1918.1 Walpole, Hugh Mr Perrin and Mr Traill FIC
1919.1 Bennett Old Wives' Tales FIC
1921.2 Thomas Adventures in the Skin Trade FIC
1925.1 Conrad Lord Jim FIC
1928.1 Misc Tales of Detection > Great Tales of Detection FIC
1931.1 Byron Letters BIO
1933.1 Moore Esther Waters FIC
1936.1 Voltaire Candide and Other Tales FIC
1941.1 Tchekov Plays and Stories POD
1942.1 Misc Modern Plays POD
1944.1 Misc Hindu Scriptures PHT
1947.2 Misc Twenty-Four One-Act Plays POD
1949.1 Woolf To the Lighthouse FIC
1952.1 Misc Ghost Stories FIC
1954.1 Misc Modern Short Stories FIC
1956.1 Hudson Far Away and Long Ago FIC
1957.1 Misc Modern Humour EBL
1958.1 Lawrence Stories, Essays and Poems EBL
1960.1 Burney Diary BIO
1963.1 Grossmith Diary of a Nobody FIC
1968.1 Synge Plays, Poems and Prose POD
1969.1 Flaubert Sentimental Education FIC
1970.1 Sienkiewicz Quo Vadis? FIC
1971.1 Gilchrist Life of William Blake BIO
1972.1 Forster, E.M. Passage to India FIC
1973.1 Misc Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times Covering the Period 1500 AD - 100 AD PHT
1975.1 Smollett Expedition of Humphry Clinker FIC
1976.1 Twain Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn FIC
1978.1 Somerville and Ross Experiences of an Irish R.M., 1908 and Further Experiences FIC
1979.1 Collins Moonstone FIC
1980.1 Conrad Nigger of the Narcissus ; Typhoon; Shadow Line FIC
1980.2 Conrad Nigger of the Narcissus ; Typhoon ; Falk; and Other Stories FIC
1981.2 Misc Poems of Our Time, 1900 - 1960 POD
1984.2 Locke Essay Concering Human Understanding (Vol 2) SCI
1985.1 Misc Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century POD
1987.1 James, H. Ambassadors FIC
1988.1 Turgenev Smoke FIC
1989.1 Misc International Modern Plays POD
1996.1 Misc Persian Poems POD
1999.1 Manzoni Betrothed FIC

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