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Item Number:  30013991



The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou


Price: US$ 14.00

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Seller Name: Ravenroost Books
Member since 1/2010
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Location: Saint Peters, Pennsylvania, United States

Listing Date: 12/5/2012



Item Description


Title: The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou Publisher: Random House
Author: Angelou, Maya Publication Date: 1994
Binding/Format: Hard Cover Edition: Later Printing
Condition: Fine, Fine Jacket ISBN: 067942895X
Inventory #: 2497    


xiv.274 pgs. Fine hardcover in Fine jacket. Pristine with tight binding.Contents: Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Diie. Part One. Where Love is a Scream of Anguish: They Went Home, The Gamut, A Zorro Man, To a Man, Late October, No Loser, No Weeper, When You Come to Me, Remembering, In a Time, Tears, The Detached, To a Husband, Accident, Let's Majeste, After, The Mothering Blackness, On Diverse Deviations, Mourning Grace, How I Can Lie to You, Sounds Like Pearls; Part Two. Just Before the World Ends: When I Think About Myself, On a Bright Day Next Week, Letter to an Aspiring Junkie, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Rhett and Other Latter-Day Saints, Times-Square-Shoeshine-Composition, Faces, To a Freedom Fighter, Riot: 60's, We Saw Beyond Our Seeming, Black Ode, No No No No, My Guilt, The Calling of Names, On Working White Liberals, Sepia Fashion Show, The Thirteens (Black), The Thirteens (White), Harlem Hopscotch; Oh Pray My Wings Are Gonna Fit Me Well. Part 1: Pickin Em Up and Layin Em Down, Here's to Adhering, On Reaching Forty, The Telephone; Part 2: Passing Time, Now Long Ago, Greyday, Poor Girl, Come and Be My Baby, Senses of Insecurity, Alone, Communication I, Communication II, Wonder, A Conceit; Part 3: Request, Africa, America, For Us Who Dare Not Dare, Lord In My Heart, Artful Pose, The Couple, The Pusher, Chicken Licken; Part 4:  I Almost Remember, Prisoner, Woman Me, John J., Southeast Arkanasia, Song for the Old Ones, Child Dead in Old Seas, Take Time Out, Elegy, Reverses, Little Girl Speakings, This Winter Day; And Still I Rise. Touch Me Life, Not Softly: A Kind of Love Some Say, Country Lover, Remembrance, Where We Belong, A Duet, Phenomenal Woman, Men, Refusal, Just For a Time;Part Two. Traveling: Junkie Monkey Reel, The Lesson, California Prodigal, My Arkansas, Through the Inner City to the Suburbs, Lady Luncheon Club, Momma Welfare Roll, The Singer Will Not Sing, Willie, To Beat the Child Was Bad Enough, Woman Work, One More Round, The Traveler, Kin, The Memory; Part Three. And Still I Rise: Still I Rise, Ain't That Bad, Life Doesn't Frighten Me, Bump d'Bump, On Aging, In Retrospect, Just Like Job, Call Letters: Mrs. V.B., Thank You, Lord; Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?: Awaking in New York, A Good Woman Feeling Bad, The Health-Food Diner, A Georgia Song, Unmeasured Tempo, Amoebaean for Daddy, Recovery, Impeccable Conception, Caged Bird, Avec Merci, Mother, Arrival, A Plagued Journey, Starvation, Contemporary Announcement, Prelude to a Parting, Martial Choreograph, To a Suitor, Insomniac, Weekend Glory, The Lie, Prescience, Family Affairs, Changes, Brief Innocence, The Last Decision, Slave Coffle, Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?, My Life Has Turned to Blue; I Shall Not Be Moved: Worker's Song, Human Family, Man Bigot, Old Folks Laugh, Is Love, Forgive, Insignificant, Love Letter, Equality, Coleridge Jackson, Why Are they Happy People?, Son to Mother, Known to Eve and Me, These Yet to Be United States, Me and My Work, Changing, Born That Way, Televised, Nothing Much, Glory Falls, London, Savior, Many and More, The New House, Our Grandmothers, Preacher Don't Send Me, Fightin' Was Natural, Loss of Love, Seven Women's Blessed Assurance, In My Missouri, They Ask Why, Ailey, Baldwin, Floyd, Killens, and Mayfield; On the Pulse of Morning. About the Author. About the Type. ISBN #067942895X. #2497



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