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Item Number:  30013968



Pain In Its Neuro-Pathological, Diagnostic, Medico-Legal, and Neuro-Theraputic Relations.


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Title: Pain In Its Neuro-Pathological, Diagnostic, Medico-Legal, and Neuro-Theraputic Relations. Publisher: J.B. Lippincott Co.
Author: Corning, J. Leonard A.M., M.D. Publication Date: 1894
Binding/Format: Cloth Hardcover Edition: First Edition, First Printing
Condition: Very Good+    
Inventory #: 2461    


328 pgs. Very Good+ condition red cloth hardcover, gilt lettering to spine, illustrated. Binding sound, clean and unmarked but for a few small faded spots to exterior.This is a scarce vintage printing, not a modern reproduction. Part I. Physiological, Pathological and Clinical. Chapters: The Physiology of Pain-Conduction-Definition, The Pathology of Pain-Neuritis, or Inflammation of the Nerves-Multiple Neuritis-Chronic Alcoholic Neuritis-Neuritis Consecutive to Influenza-The Neuritis of Leprosy-Beriberi; Concerning Pains Located in Definite Nerve Areas-Neuralgia; Pain Associated With the Rheumatic and Gouty Diathesis; Pains Which Have Their Swat in the Structures Contained Within the Cavities of the Body-Intracranial Pain (Headache)-"Spina" (Medullary) Pains-Abdominal and Thoracic (Visceral) Pains; The Diagnostic Value of Pain; The Clinical and Medico-Legal Significance of the Phenomena Evoked by Pain-Objective Method of Diagnosticating Pain; The Medico-Legal Relations of Pain-Spinal Concussion; Of the Insomnia and Melancholia of Pain. Part II. The Special Therapeutics of Pain. Chapters: Concerning the Importance of Rest in the Treatment of the Nervous Symptoms Engendered by Prolonged and Severe Pain; Of Internel Remedies Which Are Either Directly or Indirectly Applicable in the Treatment of Pain;Of Other and More Recent Remedies Which Have Been Employed in the Treatment of Pain; Summary of Other Important Facts Relative to the Action of Remedieson the Nervous System; On the Author's Methods of Employing Remedies So As To Increase the Certainty and Duration of Their Action on the Peripheral Nerves-Other Measures Which Have Been Proposed; Surgical Expedients; Local Medication of the Spinal Chord and Cauda Equina, Author's Plan-Other Measures; The Use of Compressed Air in Conjunction With Remedies Which Tend to Diminish the Acuity of Perception, Author's Plan; Reflex and Spurious or Imaginary Pains-Hypnotism; Concluding Observations on the Prevention of Relapse-The Prophylaxis of Pain; Supplementary Observations on Torture, Or thhe Infliction of Pain as a Judicial Punishment or For the Purpose of Extorting a Confession of Guilt. Index. #2461.



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