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Item Number:  30013962



The Tariff History of the United States. A Series of Essays.


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Seller Name: Ravenroost Books
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Listing Date: 12/5/2012



Item Description


Title: The Tariff History of the United States. A Series of Essays. Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Author: Taussig, F.W. Publication Date:
Binding/Format: Cloth Hardcover Edition: No Previous Printings Indicated
Condition: Very Good    
Inventory #: 2453    


vii. 269 pgs. Very Good condition brown cloth hardcover. This is an original 1888 vintage edition, not a modern reprint, covering the period 1789-1887. Light rubbing of cloth at edges and corners, spine ends frayed, first signature loose but holding, binding otherwise quite sound. Owner inscription on front blank F. Hulse, Aug. 1888, steamship, Shelter Island. Content Sections: Protection to Young Industries as Applied in the United States: I. The argument in general, II. Industrial History of the Colonies and of the United States Before 1808, III. The Cotton Manufacture: First factories, enormous growth, introduction of the power loom, IV. The Woollen Manufacture: First factories, growth between 1808-1815, duties between 1816-1828, post 1868, V. The Iron Manufacture: Condition in the colonies, use of coke, invention of puddling in England, discriminating duty on rolled bar-iron, VI. Concluding Remarks; The Early Protective Movement and the Tariff of 1828; The Tariff 1830-1860; The History of the Existing Tariff 1860-1888: I. The War Tariff, II. The Failure to Reduce the Tariff After the War, III. How Duties Were Raised Above the War Rates: wood and woollens duties, copper and steel manufacture, marble. IV. The Tariff Act of 1883: woollen dress goods and cloths, cottons, iron ore, steel rails, copper, wheat, corn, etc. Appendix-Tables: I. Imports and Duties 1860-1887; II. Duties of 1861, and those of 1864 which were retained without change till 1883; III. Duties raised after the war above the rates of 1864, IV. Revenue from internal taxes and from the tariff, 1860-1883; V. Product, imports and foreigh domestic prices of copper 1875-1886; VI. Product, imports and foreign and domestic prices of steel rails 1871-1887, VII. Changes in duties by the Act of 1883. Index. #2453.



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