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Everyman's Library Version 7 Dust Jacket Variations


There are several variations of the version 7 jacket that seem to have appeared in chronological order.  (Dust jacket type definitions are shown at Jeff Anderson's Collecting Everyman's Library site.)  This hypothesis is based on a rather limited amount of data.  The five variations are shown below with a description of the differences and also any date information where it is known.  This page is using a letter to identify the different variations (such as "7a").  This may or may not become a standard in the EL collector world. 

Version 7a: The Version 7a jacket has a solid dark background on the smaller dolphin/anchor device located on the lower spine.  The dolphin/anchor device has no detailing.  The back panel has a Raymond Mortimer Sunday Times quote, along with the EL genres and a list of "a few of the authors" in the EL.    
Version 7b: The Version 7b jacket removes the solid background on the dolphin/anchor device on the spine.  Also, the dolphin and anchor have enhanced detailing (vertical lines on the tail, lines along the dolphin body, and accent lines on the anchor).  This variation has the same back panel as 7a.

Example date: 1971 Wrapper design, 10/71 print date
Version 7c: This variation has a significantly redesigned back panel.  The genre list, author list, and Sunday Times quote are removed.  In their place are reviews on the EL series from The Spectator, Glasgow Evening News, and The Melbourne Age.  Also included is an EL blurb about the series.  The dolphin/anchor device may or may not have the enhanced detailing.

Example dates:
- 1975 Jacket design, 12/77 print date
- 1974 Jacket design, 4/74 print date
Version 7d: The Version 7d jacket is identical to 7c, except the book title and author name are displayed vertically on the spine.

Example dates:
- 1974 Jacket design, no print date
- 1975 Jacket design, 11/75 print date

Version 7e: The Everyman's Library pilgrim (also referred to as a shepherd) replaced the dolphin/anchor device on the spine, probably around 1980.  Also "Everyman's Library" was reduced to just "Everyman" on the spine.

Example dates:
- Unknown, but likely at the same time as the change occurred on the paperback editions




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