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Dutton Everyman Paperback Catalog
(1957 - 1961)

In 1957 Dutton released a series of paperbacks under the Dutton Everyman Paperback label, which is a predecessor to the Everyman's Library paperback series.  A few of the titles, such as Manzoni's Betrothed, were already in the Everyman's Library catalog, but most were new titles.  Terry Seymour described the selections best, calling them eclectic.  Seventy-nine were issued before Dent and Dutton launched the Everyman's Library paperback series in 1961.  When this occurred, Dutton dropped the "Everyman" term, labeling the existing and new titles with "A Dutton Paperback."  Existing cover images remained the same, except for the removal of "Everyman," and even the Dutton Everyman Paperback logo was retained on the spine and back cover.  The Dutton Paperback series existed for a very long time, with the series number reaching well over 400.

Each title was identified by a "D" followed by a unique number.  This series number appears on the lower spine and front cover.  The back cover includes the logo at the top, a description of the book, and an attribution for the cover design.  A few titles (D51, D59, and D77) are designated as a Dutton Everyman Original.

The complete list of titles released as a Dutton Everyman Paperback is shown below. If a title is highlighted, an image is available for that title. In many cases, the Dutton Paperback image is displayed as we do not yet have an image of the Dutton Everyman Paperback cover.  If the Everyman version of the cover is found please send it to the editor.  Leading articles (A, An, and The) have been removed from titles.

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D-1 Chute Shakespeare of London
D-2 Amory The Proper Bostonians
D-3 Brooks The Flowering of New England
D-4 Plato Republic
D-5 Munthe Story of San Michele
D-6 Pirandello Naked Masks
D-7 Lucretius Of the Nature of Things
D-8 Crevecoeur Letters from an American Farmer
D-9 Allen English Novel
D-10 Sorokin Crisis of our Age
D-11 Jeans Mysterious Universe
D-12 Smith, W. Smaller Classical Dictionary
D-13 MacMahon Lion-Tamer and Other Stories
D-14 Monmouth History of the Kings of Britain
D-15 Charques Short History of Russia
D-16 Standen Science is a Sacred Cow
D-17 Isaacs Background of Modern Poetry
D-18 Pascal Pensees
D-19 Misc Aucassin & Nicolette
D-20 Caesar Caesar's War Commentaries
D-21 Symons Symbolist Movement in Literature
D-22 Melville Typee ; Billy Budd
D-23 Chute Geoffrey Chaucer of England
D-24 Ellmann Yeats, the Man and the Masks
D-25 Sellar, Yeatman 1066 And All That
D-26 Casals Conversations with Casals
D-27 Howells Indian Summer
D-28 Newman Scope and Nature of University Education
D-29 Brunton Secret Path
D-30 Joinville Memoirs of the Crusades
D-31 Ralph Story of Our Civilization
D-32 Stuart Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow
D-33 Goodman History of the Jews
D-34 Robinson Spring of Civilization
D-35 Schurz Manila Galleon
D-36 Misc Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays
D-37 Bowles How to Get into College
D-38 Estabrooks Hypnotism
D-39 Zamiatin We
D-40 Kalidasa Shakuntala and Other Writings
D-41 Rose Handbook of Greek Mythology
D-42 White Unobstructed Universe
D-43 Gardner Art of T. S. Eliot
D-44 Durrell Bitter Lemons
D-45 Harrer Seven Years in Tibet
D-46 Allen Writers on Writing
D-47 Rickover Education and Freedom
D-48 Landis World Religions
D-49 Underhill Practical Mysticism
D-50 Dostoyevsky Notes From Underground & Grand Inquisitor
D-51 Wagner The Ring of the Nibelung
D-52 Seltman Approach to Greek Art
D-53 Woodham-Smith Reason Why
D-54 Weigand Modern Ibsen
D-55 Partridge Shakespeare's Bawdy
D-56 Goncharov Oblomov
D-57 Blyth Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics
D-58 Taylor Wreath of Roses
D-59 Richardson Prodigal
D-60 Chute Ben Jonson of Westminster
D-61 Koch Philosophy for a Time of Crisis
D-62 Sacco; Vanzetti Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti
D-63 Beiser Physics for Everybody
D-64 Underhill Essentials of Mysticism
D-65 Eliot, A Sight and Insight
D-66 Rose Handbook of Greek Literature
D-67 Rose Handbook of Latin Literature
D-68 Beerbohm And Even Now ; A Christmas Garland
D-69 Dudintsev New Year's Tale
D-70 Balliett Sound of Surprise
D-71 Karsavina Theatre Street
D-72 Styron Best Short Stories from the Paris Review
D-73 Underhill Mysticism
D-74 Malinowski Argonauts of the Western Pacific
D-75 Froissart Chronicles of England, France and Spain
D-76 Cronyn Primer on Communism
D-77 Shaw Shaw on Shakespeare
D-78 Durrell Esprit de Corps & Stiff Upper Lip
D-79 Manzoni Betrothed

79 paperback titles found
68 paperback images available for 68 titles


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