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About the Scribblemonger Book Exchange

The Scribblemonger Book Exchange provides a webspace where sellers can list their books and buyers can purchase them with a minimum of effort. We try to keep things really simple.

We've set things up to accommodate everyone, from everyday readers with just a few books to sell, to the largest independent booksellers with thousands of books in their inventory. You can list a single book by hand, or you can use our automated systems to transfer your database to ours.

Buyers pay no fees or commissions whatsoever. Ever.

We charge sellers the lowest rates in the industry -- just 5% commission on sales with a maximum of $5.00 per book. If you list a total of five books or fewer, there's no charge at all. And there's never a listing fee or a membership fee or any other kind of fee -- just a 5% commission on sales.

Scribblemonger Book Exchange puts buyers and sellers together -- we don't get between them. So we don't have forced or fixed shipping fees or holdbacks on shipping charges, and we don't offer payment services except for providing fee-free links to PayPal for sellers who choose to offer it.

The Scribblemonger Book Exchange -- a simpler place to buy and sell books.


Why the Scribblemonger Book Exchange was Started

The Scribblemonger Book Exchange was started by Ron Holl and Scot Kamins, two ardent book collectors who had already created several collector-centric websites including Collecting the Modern Library, The Amenities of Modern Library Collecting, Little-Blue-Books, and bisibat! (a general purpose trading site).

Bookseller friends had been commenting about the high fees and excessive commissions charged by some book listing sites. Since booksellers need to pass on their costs to buyers in order to be viable, Ron and Scot quickly realized that they could provide a genuine service by creating a book-listing site that could offer all the necessary functionality with none of the fluff of existing sites and charge far less for it. They hoped that this might give dealers an opportunity to pass on part of their savings to buyers, giving buyers more of an incentive to purchase more books a win-win situation!

Time will tell.



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