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Member since November 2010

Location: Brockport, New York, United States

Active Listings: 50,979 (click here to see my for sale/trade listings.)

About Me:

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FAB BOOKS started as a retirement project in 2003 as an afterthought due to my wife wishing I could obtain her favorite author D E. Stevenson from England.

My most exciting book from England was a pre-publication copy of D.E. Stevenson with a brown paper wrapper signed by the author. When it was purchased I was informed by the seller that someone wrote the authors name on the wrapper. Needless to say a search of signatures revealed it was her signature. A treasure for sure.

After importing/purchasing many of these books it snowballed into a full time retirement/hobby as you will notice our inventory is heavy with this author.

After 4 yrs. in the Marine Reserve I enlisted in The Air Force where my career started as an Air Traffic Radar repairman the an electronics instructor for 3 1/2 years in Biloxi MS. Rode out 1 hurricane but nothing that obliterated Biloxi in later years.

Then came General Motors in Rochester NY for a 34 yr. stint as an electrician/automation repair, group leader. Too bad GM had such bad management. I observed what I believe drove GM into the ground but I won't elaborate on that except that it wasn't the workers although there were a few bad apples the unions protected. Seems like industry has gone overseas and we are losing our country. I wonder if we should tell the younger generation to learn Chinese to compete!!

We purchased tons of books on our weekly drives throughout the NY state beautiful countryside and loved each trip out.

We experimented with a brick and mortar store in our small town for a few years but realized that the taxes, fines by NY and high utility costs made it a non profit organization. See the blog at our web site on NY state problems. We live near the biggest power generating station in the world and paid the highest rates for electric known. Must be they sold it down state to NYC !!!

We will be selling our warehouse stock of over 50,000 books soon and probably go to Florida permanently. If you are interested they are for sale. Details at can be viewed. Our taxes are just too absurd to stay much longer. Most of our children took our advice and took jobs out of NY when they got out of school.

THATS IT. Any questions or bad feedback, feel free to email us.

Fred in NY

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