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About ABookLegacy

Member since August 2010

Location: Palm Harbor, Florida, United States

Active Listings: 4,090 (click here to see my for sale/trade listings.)

About Me:

About our Store

A Book Legacy is all about buying and selling books that add knowledge, enjoyment, and value to reader's and customers lives past, present, and future!

A Book Legacy is Born!
The roots of A Book Legacy began when Carol's father Roy T. McKinney who was a pastor, evangelist, genealogist, and avid book collector-trader passed away leaving over 40,000 books. His love of books became a book legacy for Carol and I to carry forward. Books are a passion for many readers, a source of facts and information for others, and often a unique view into the mind and creative genius of the author.

What is a Legacy?
"A legacy is a gift left to someone; anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor." What will be the legacy you leave? Will it be your fair and honest reputation, your kindness, understanding, and love of others? Perhaps it will be your way of forgiving hurt and wrong? We hope so!


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