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The Scribblemonger Book Exchange at (hereinafter SCRIBBLEMONGER) lists books that people want to sell. SCRIBBLEMONGER does not check anything about sellers. SCRIBBLEMONGER MAKES NO CLAIMS ABOUT THE BOOKS  LISTED NOR ABOUT THE SELLER CREATING THE LISTINGS, NOR DOES SCRIBBLEMONGER TESTIFY TO THE VALIDITY OF ANY LISTING OR TO THE QUALITY OF ANY LISTED BOOK. SCRIBBLEMONGER DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY PARTICULAR SELLER. (The "Featured Seller" on the Homepage is taken at random on each page load from all sellers listing 50 or more books, and the "Featured Book" on the Homepage is chosen by the editor based on connection to current events or seasons/holidays. Neither of these displays shall indicate a recommendation by SCRIBBLEMONGER.)  SCRIBBLEMONGER MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE DELIVERY OF ANY ITEMS FROM A LISTER TO A BUYER.




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