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Finding Books

Every page has a Quick Search box at the top. Choose one element from the drop down box (Author, Publisher, Title, or Keyword), enter the text to search for, and click Search.

Each page also has a link labeled Find a Book. This link takes you to the advanced search page providing additional options: multiple field searches, first editions, signed editions, and more.

The Home Page has a search window you can use to enter terms for three common fields: Author, Title, and/or Keyword(s). Enter text in any or all of the fields, then click Search. The results will match all the criteria that you enter.

To search for books from an individual bookseller, you can (1) click Booksellers List (a link is available on every page) and click on their store name, or (2) enter either their username or bookstore name in the advanced search page. Since all booksellers offer reduced shipping charges for multiple items, you can save money by finding additional books from a bookseller you're already purchasing from.

To learn more about a listed item, click the Contact Seller link in an item’s Seller Information box (available on the listing page for every item).


Buying Books

You must be registered and logged in to buy books. Once you log in, every listing at the Scribblemonger Book Exchange has an Add to Cart button. To purchase a book, add it to your cart by clicking that button.

Books in the cart are grouped by bookseller.  Since the Scribblemonger Book Exchange does not process payments, you deal directly with each bookseller to make purchases. All grouped purchases have a 'Send Request to Seller' button. Clicking this button lets the bookseller know which items you want as well as what delivery option you have selected.  The bookseller will send you the total cost and ask for your shipping information.  You'll need to checkout separately for each bookseller.

Many booksellers also support immediate payment by PayPal. In those cases, you'll see a 'Pay Now with PayPal' button — clicking it takes you to PayPal where you can complete the transaction.


Selling Books

There are two ways to list books for sale at the Scribblemonger Book Exchange: one at a time or in batches.

To add listings one at a time, click on the Sell a Book link available at the top of every page. (You must be registered and logged in to be able to list books.) On the listing page, enter all required fields (required fields are marked in red) and as many optional fields as you can; you have a better chance of showing up in a search if you include more information. Click Submit at the bottom of the page, and your book is available for sale! (See listing limitations based on membership type).

To list books in batches, including your entire inventory, you must be registered as a Premium Bookseller. Some inventory software, such as BookTrakker, lets you upload directly to the Scribblemonger Book Exchange. For other software, choose from the Bookseller Inventory Upload section on your Scribblemonger my account page. Inventory upload help is available here.

As soon as your books are listed, people will be able to view and buy them immediately. Buyers complete purchases by sending a request to you, the bookseller, from their carts. You can then contact the buyer with total price due and collect their shipping information. Or, if you provide for it, buyers can checkout through PayPal immediately. (Click here for more information on immediate payment with PayPal.) Either way, you are notified of the purchase and should contact the buyer with an order acknowledgement.


If you get stuck on a feature, click its Help icon . If you’re still stuck, contact us — we’ll get back to you quickly.


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