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Author Topic: Classic will be a welcome entertainment from Battl
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Classic will be a welcome entertainment from Battl
(posted on: July 04, 2019 at 02:56:20)

Although both of these features have interesting ideas, I think their disadvantages are so fundamental that Blizzard will not be able to fix them in 2019 - if at all. Winning more war fronts and islands is a guarantee, and Gold in WoW Classic these new additions will be fun for a while, but the underlying design requires major changes before it becomes as rewarding as other Warcraft activities.

Blizzard surprised us last year at Blizzcon, announcing that World of Warcraft: Classic, which recreates WoW in the version existing in 2006 before the expansion, will appear in the summer of 2019. Originally, Blizzard made the impression the completion of the project may take years, but apparently the development is progressing at a steady pace.

This is good news, because after immersing myself in the demo proposed by Blizzcon, I came out with surprising optimism. Despite the troubles of Battle for Azeroth, modern Warcraft is a much more fun and accessible game. in the old school, Azeroth showed me that he has his own charms and nuances that I liked so much.

One of the biggest problems affecting World of Warcraft: The battle for Azeroth since its launch last year is the way players win and upgrade their equipment. Azerba's armor system seemed cool on paper (and it was fun at first), but the players quickly dismissed the leveling of their Azeroth necklace by simply unblocking Azera's features on new pieces of armor. especially when these features have already been unlocked Buy WoW Classic Items. It was a bad system, and Blizzard spent the last eight months trying to fix it with small changes and more interesting features, but the next update of World of Warcraft 8.2 changes the whole system - and looks much better.




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