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Author Topic: Payment options
Posts: 43
re: Payment options
(posted on: October 19, 2010 at 04:23:34)

"there should be a way to securely send my credit card number to sellers who don't offer paypal"

PCI compliance rules from the credit card industry have all but closed down this function on small bookselling sites that cannot afford the time/money to be 'compliant'. UsedBookCentral had to shut down. Biblio took away seller card processing and now Choosebooks has taken card processing away from its sellers. TomFolio and Antiqbook are about the last of the small sites surviving and able to still pass on credit card info to their sellers, but who is to say how much longer they can last.

I don't think Ron wants to take on card processing and spend tons of time and money trying to make Scribblemonger PCI compliant. Not worth it.

It is very easy for sellers to sign up with PayPal, Google Checkout, or ProPay. An electronic invoice payable can quickly be sent to any customer who wishes to purchase a book and this eliminates the need for Scribblemonger to have any card processing capabilities. Much better and cheaper that way.
Posts: 1
Payment options
(posted on: October 11, 2010 at 18:36:45)

As a buyer, I'd just like to make the following payment suggestions that would be helpful:
(1) you need some sort of payment option "symbols" shown for each item; it's very frustrating to have to open each listing to see what payment options are available if I only want to use PayPal.
(2) there should be a way to securely send my credit card number to sellers who don't offer paypal. Having to wait for sellers to email or call me is cute but very antiquated. This is 2010...



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