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Author Topic: Image Uploads Available
Posts: 112
Image Uploads Available
(posted on: February 03, 2010 at 09:36:19)

Uploading of image files is now supported. The upload can be accomplished using ftp or the Scribblemonger uploader available on the 'my account' page. Individual files can be sent (.jpg, .gif, and .bmp), or the image files can be zipped up and uploaded as a .zip file. BookTrakker also supports uploading of image files.

Image file names must be the Record Number (i.e. inventory number, sku, etc) of the listed book the image is for. For example, a .jpg image for a book with a record number of 'BK0042' must have a filename of BK0042.jpg.

Please use this thread to report any problems or request enhancements to this feature.



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