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Author Topic: Inventory upload questions ...
Posts: 8
re: Inventory upload questions ...
(posted on: May 07, 2010 at 18:13:47)

Thanks Ron!

Not sure how much categories actually matter - I only noticed because it was on the manual listing page and not in the upload format.

I only put in data for the edition where it was actually a First Edition (First/First). I wanted to be sure because I do note first printings of later editions in the Description field.

I would like to say how I appreciate the work you have been doing "Googlizing" the site - that is going to make a HUGE difference to niche sellers like myself.
Posts: 112
re: Inventory upload questions ...
(posted on: May 07, 2010 at 17:54:36)

Hi Ken,

Great questions. My attempts at answering:

1) The category on the manual listing has a bit of a history. Currently, it is not being used for anything. There are so many different options for categories, it was decided to not use them for now. My opinion is that cats might do best in a keyword field (which I see is missing in the Scribblemonger format). I'd be interested in other thoughts on this though. We can pull the cat field in however everyone thinks best (don't edit anything... the loader will take care of any change we make).

2) It is based on what is in the edition field, and looks for "1st" or "First E" (case insensitive). The search for the "E" is causing the problem. It will be removed (the "1st" check does not require the following "E" for edition). This will, however, cause "First Printing" to be considered a first edition. Not sure if that matters... (ETA: Fixed; and your inventory file was put through the grinder again)

3) For links to images, the listing page for the item will have the image, while the search results page will have an icon. When we have the image on our site, we create the icon image. Info on this here -\?forum=2&board=1&topic=3

This is also an issue for Google Product Search - if the image is not on our site we can't include it, and items with images get displayed before those without.

Posts: 8
Inventory upload questions ...
(posted on: May 07, 2010 at 16:35:25)

I just did my first upload (Tab delimited as I use a home-built Access db) I built my file to match the specs given; however I did have some questions:

1) There is no field in the format you gave for "category" and yet there is an option for that when listing individually. I DO have that info in my database. Do I have to edit all my listings now?

2) Is the "First edition" search based on what is in the edition field, or in the description? Will it matter how it is written? In the Edition field I have it as "First", in the Description it is "1st". When I do a first edition search nothing comes up.

3) I used links to the images rather than uploading the image files. On my listings pages this shows up as a camera rather than the item; is this always the case? [Edited by OP: Found the answer to this in another thread]

4) See separate post on formatting authors/illustrators in this forum.

Thanks for the help, and the site!!

Ken Sawade
KnC Books



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