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Author Topic: AbeBooks or Alibris as far as selling books?
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re: AbeBooks or Alibris as far as selling books?
(posted on: May 07, 2019 at 21:14:22)

Please let me know if you receive this reply. I sell on alibris, abebooks, amazon, biblio, as well as some separate listings on scribblemonger.
• Alibris is low on sales, and barely worth being active on, but it is where I started and I like the site's listing page. Simply loyalty and a different learning curve keeps me there.
•Abebooks works well for me when I have 4-5 stars; and its cut is smaller than some sites.
•I dislike amazon for many reasons, and I am there via an easy upload directly from alibris when I list one by one. But, Amazon is snooty, takes the biggest percentage, and applies suggestions irrelevant to booksellers because they are running a megastore for all things. They do have a wide audience, but they tend to change my titles, assuming characteristics as their computers are in charge. Being ISBN based, they also do not list my complete inventory and/or assign ISBNs that are irrelevant to editions. There also are no real people at amazon.
•I am new to biblio, but I like the format and the simplicity so far.
*I can not learn whether Scribblemonger is still in business. I am new here and have had no sales. I only list Modern Library Editions here. I sent an email a month ago inquiring as to the site's status. It went unanswered.

-- Lucy at Hedgehog's Whimsey Books, Newport NH,
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AbeBooks or Alibris as far as selling books?
(posted on: March 12, 2018 at 03:51:11)


I've been a bookseller on Alibris since 2007 and I was thinking about moving my operation to AbeBooks, though the monthly fee is higher here so I'm having some reservations. Alibris only shows a thumbnail size image of the uploaded image from the seller, which is a huge disappointment for me. The Alibris website seems to have declined in popularity. Most of my stock is pre ISBN vintage but I do have copies of a few hundred titles of newer stock which was listed on Now that they are closed I'm looking at consolidating everything on one site. I've been on eBay since 2001 - it's changed quite a bit over the years and I still use them now and then as well as Amazon, but I don't like to use either one anymore except for books here and there or certain titles. So - any sellers on here have experience with both the 2017 version of Alibris and also sell on AbeBooks? If so, are the pretty close in sales or does one site win over the other as far as customer volume? Thanks for any input.

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