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Author Topic: How to stop mouse powering on PC?
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How to stop mouse powering on PC?
(posted on: November 24, 2017 at 06:13:14)


I'm having issues with my desktop PC. When powered off if the mouse button is pressed it turns on.

How do I stop this?
I have already been looking around online. Below is my setup and steps already taken.

About a week ago I fixed this issue by changing from a USB3 port on my motherboard to a USB2 for the mouse and kb. Now the problem is back. I am not certain if any windows updates have occurred BUT I did note some settings were changed (I am the only user).

WIndows 10 x64 Home
M./B: Asus Maximus VII Hero
mouse Roccat Kone w/ software installed.

I have disabled fast startup in windows power management/settings.
de-selected "allow this device to power on PC" for the mouse, keyboard and the USB hubs in device manager (other than the mouse HID settings it's greyed out for the others but not selected).
Power management setting "selective Suspend" for USB is enabled

ErP is enabled in the bios (s5 state)
Rapid startup is disabled in bios
Power on by PCI-E is enabled in bios (required for WoL to work which I require).

These are all of the aspects I would anticipate make a difference and the damned thing still keeps powering on my PC.

I had read that there were some issues with win 10 screwing this up and that was mainly related to USB3 controllers, so I shifted my hardware to the USB2 Hub which seemed to fix it.... but now I'm having the same problem again.

I'm stumped...

Most of these settings are completely counter-intuitive in their naming. I need to test with selective suspend disabled as that may prevent a low power state and force a zero power state.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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