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Item Number:  02887389



"The Family of Fuller : Some Royal, Noble, and Gentle Descents of Kerry Branch"


Price: US$ 18.30

Seller Information

Seller Name: Ancestral Books, LLC
Member since 11/2010
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Location: Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States

Listing Date: 11/24/2010



Item Description


Title: "The Family of Fuller : Some Royal, Noble, and Gentle Descents of Kerry Branch" Publisher:
Author: "Fuller, James F." Publication Date: 1880
Binding/Format: Hardback Edition:
Inventory #: HD2403    


"(Shipped within 3 business days) This is an exact reproduction of the original book. It was scanned with the highest quality scanner at 600 dpi which makes it very clear but, please note that some of our books may have poor photographs quality due to the fact that the photographs in the original book were also of poor quality."





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