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Item Number:  01798095



The Cancer Prevention Good Health Diet A Complete Program for a Longer, Healthier Life


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Title: The Cancer Prevention Good Health Diet A Complete Program for a Longer, Healthier Life Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Katahn, Martin Publication Date: 2000
Binding/Format: Softcover Edition:
Condition: New with no dust jacket ISBN: 0393320588
Inventory #: 24104    


New paperback. No remainder mark. Bottom of front cover several very light scratches. ; 0.77 x 9.21 x 6.08 Inches; 288 pages; You can take steps to ward off cancer, starting right now--and this book shows you how. Want to add twenty years or more of disease-free living to your life? Miraculous as it may seem, the means to do it are not in a lab but in your own kitchen. Cutting-edge scientific research now shows that the human body depends on hundreds of different food compounds to keep its immune system at maximum strength. These phytochemicals (phyto from the Greek word for plant) protect us from cancer and heart disease as well as other degenerative diseases that ordinarily creep up on us as our immune systems grow weaker with age. With over 100 delicious recipes, this book shows you how to maximize your resistance to cancer and other diseases by changing how you eat and think about food. The distinct colors of various foods play different roles in neutralizing harmful substances before they can attack your body cells. Dr. Martin Katahn, who revolutionized the science of weight loss with his T-Factor Diet, shows us how to recognize the essential phytochemicals and understand how they work together. He also explains how diet can be combined for maximum effectiveness with exercise, to increase energy and reduce stress. Originally published in hardcover under the title The Tri-Color Diet.





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