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Item Number:  01175554



Ghost Ship Poems


Price: US$ 1.35

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Seller Name: For My Lambs
Member since 3/2010
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Location: Canyon Country, California, United States

Listing Date: 3/25/2010



Item Description


Title: Ghost Ship Poems Publisher: Knopf
Author: Kinzie, Mary Publication Date: 1996
Binding/Format: Hardcover Edition: First Edition
Condition: Fine in Very Good dust jacket    
Inventory #: 19015    


0679446451 Great Value. Prompt delivery with tracking. Satisfaction guaranteed. ; 0.75 x 10 x 6.5 Inches; 82 pages; Since his work first be to appear in the early 1960s, Thomas Disch has proven himself, again and again, to be one of the most prodigiously talented novelist/playwright/poets of our time. In Newsweek he was saluted by Walter Clemons as "the most formidably gifted unfamous American writer." But in 1991, with the publication of The M.D., Disch's remarkably various gifts converged in a horror novel that propelled him into the mainstream even as it remade the genre in its own startling image. Now, in The Priest, Disch gives us an even more potent, darkly hypnotic, and fiendishly comic novel -- a gothic romance like no other.

At the center: Father Patrick Bryce, a Catholic priest with a present-day Minneapolis parish -- and a pedophile past. He's spent time at a church-run retreat for priests of his persuasion and returned "rehabilitated": even better equipped to keep his vice active and hidden.

Until the blackmail begins.

It comes from three different sources (his own bishop being one), and each tops the next in imaginative proposals: Father Pat must head a militant (and probably illegal) anti-abortion campaign; Father Pat must apologize to each of his victims, face-to-face; Father Pat must read, and be ready to discuss, the work of a bizarre cult science fiction writer, and get the face of Satan tattooed on his chest. But the blackmailers and their demands are the least of Father Pat's problems. More dire is his increasingly incontrovertible sense that the nightmares in which he has been leading the life of a thirteenth-century bishop are not dreams at all. And that the Church, rife with corruption and scandal in both eras, is the only realistic sanctuary for him and his doppelganger, Bishop Silvanus de Roquefort, as they move -- at once separately and together -- through their own centuries-spanning maze of soul-killing horrors toward a distinctly hellish destiny. The astonishments, mayhem, and villainy they encounter along the way come brilliantly to life in an eerie and wildly populated narrative that builds at breakneck speed to its gripping, gruesome, and romantic finale.

The Priest is a spellbinding confirmation of Thomas Disch's standing as a master conjurer of the most darkly compelling tales.





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