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Item Number:  01175266



Controlling Your Fat Tooth


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Seller Name: For My Lambs
Member since 3/2010
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Location: Canyon Country, California, United States

Listing Date: 3/25/2010



Item Description


Title: Controlling Your Fat Tooth Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Author: Piscatella, Joseph C. Publication Date: 1991
Binding/Format: Plastic Comb Edition:
Condition: Fine with no dust jacket ISBN: 0894804316
Inventory #: 18318    


Great Value. Prompt delivery with tracking. Satisfaction guaranteed. ; 1.74 x 8.19 x 6.08 Inches; 528 pages; Doing for fat what he did for cholesterol in the bestsellers Don-Yt Eat Your Heart Out and Choices for a Healthy Heart, lay expert Joe C. Piscatella presents a wealth of medically sound information on the dangerous American high-fat diet and what can be done to avoid it.

He shows how our fast-paced modern lifestyle has created a pro-fat culture that relies on frozen meals, fast foods, and snacks for nutrition. He reveals how advertising regularly misleads consumers about the fat content of foods (2% milk, for example, is really 38% fat). He makes known information about the biological basis for the -_fat tooth-"-Xwhy so many of us crave chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream. And he provides specific, practical, usable advice on striping fat from our diets by employing a special fat tooth budget.

With menus, tips, and 200 delicious, low-fat recipes from Bernie Piscatella-Xeach with a nutritional breakdown-XCONTROLLING YOUR FAT TOOTH is every American-Ys antidote to a national epidemic. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service, and Rodale Book Club. 450,000 copies in print.





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