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Proceeds of this book sale go toward maintaining the Everyman's Amenities website.

Most of the books listed do not have dust jackets, but a few do. There are also jackets listed without a book inside. Images are provided for some listings; if you don't see an image for a book you are interested in or you need additional images and/or information, just send a request

To make a request for one or more books, send a message to with a list of item numbers. (Each item has an associated item number, displayed on this page and the individual book page.) Please read both the terms and conditions and the shipping information before you make a purchase.

In the listings an asterisk (*) after a title name means the book has a dust jacket, and 1st after a title name means the book is a first edition. Within a listing description PON means "Previous Owner Name."

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Item #EL#TitleAuthorPrice
150001.1Life of Samuel Johnson (Vol 1)Boswell$2
183003.1History of Napoleon BuonaparteLockhart$2
167014.1Essays of Elia ; Last Essays of EliaLamb$2
22015.1Harold, The Last of the Saxon KingsLytton$2
50030.1Barchester TowersTrollope$3
83030.1Barchester TowersTrollope$3
96030.1Barchester TowersTrollope$3
180032.1French Revolution (Vol 2)Carlyle$3
185032.1French Revolution (Vol 2)Carlyle$3
182033.1History of the Byzantine EmpireFinlay$5
190035.1History of England (Vol 2)Macaulay$3
78041.1Poems and Plays 1833-44 (Vol 1)Browning$2
200041.1Poems and Plays 1833-44 (Vol 1) (Jacket Only)*Browning$3
31051.1Memoirs of Benvenuto CelliniCellini$2
158051.1Life of Benvenuto CelliniCellini$2
201066.1Autocrat of the Breakfast Table (Jacket Only)*Holmes$2
12079.1Last of the MohicansCooper$2
166091.1Serious Call to a Devout and Holy LifeLaw$3
47099.1Voyages of DiscoveryCook$4
38117.1Sketch Book of Geoffrey CrayonIrving$3
127117.1Sketch BookIrving$1
151117.1Sketch Book of Geoffrey CrayonIrving$3
152120.1Romany RyeBorrow$4
143133.1Guy ManneringScott$3
174156.1Life of Robert BurnsLockhart$3
23166.1Spectator Vol 3*Addison, Steele, etc$8
170169.1Eugenie Grandet1stBalzac$4
65176.1House of the Seven GablesHawthorne$4
24178.1Handy Andy1stLover$2
173178.1Handy AndyLover$2
155204.1Pilgrim's ProgressBunyan$1
199224.1Duties of Man ; and other Essays (Jacket Only)*Mazzini$3
203224.1Duties of Man ; and other Essays (Jacket Only)*Mazzini$2
110230.1Hypatia Kingsley$5
189230.1Hypatia Kingsley$2
149264.1Voyages (Vol 1)Hakluyt$3
30266.1Cromwell's Letters and Speeches (Vol 1)Carlyle$5
62271.1Plays (Vol 2)Euripides$2
80273.1Historical Works (Vol 1)1stTacitus$8
77274.1Historical Works (Vol 2)1stTacitus$8
145279.1English Traits, Representative Men, and Other Essays1stEmerson$7
25295.1Vicar of WakefieldGoldsmith$1
82298.1Vanity FairThackeray$2
43307.1Canterbury TalesChaucer$4
40327.1Headlong Hall ; Nightmare AbbeyPeacock$3
198335.1Goethe (Jacket Only)*Faust$2
58338.1Voyages (Vol 5)1stHakluyt$5
5341.1Life of the Duke of WellingtonGleig$5
53346.1Manual of English Literature1stCraik$4
212346.2Pearl ; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Jacket Only)*Misc$2
205352.1Evelina (Jacket Only)*Burney$2
196372.1Reign of Henry VIII (Vol 1)Froude$5
194377.1History of the Jews (Vol 1)1stMilman$5
153381.1Everyman and Other InterludesMisc$1
93402.1Journal with Other WritingsWoolman$3
8410.1Castle Rackrent ; Absentee1stEdgeworth$2
26433.1History of RomeMerivale$4
49449.1Dictionary of English LiteratureCousin$4
54449.1Biographical Dictionary of English LiteratureCousin$4
63449.1Biographical Dictionary of English LiteratureCousin$6
71451.1Atlas of Ancient and Classical GeographyBartholomew$4
16456.1Five DialoguesPlato$1
126460.1Reflections on the Revolution in FranceBurke$3
161460.1Reflections on the Revolution in FranceBurke$3
206467.1Joseph Andrews (Jacket Only)*Fielding$2
193475.1Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Vol 5)1stGibbon$5
105480.1Chronicles of the Pilgrim FathersMisc$1
27482.1Utilitarianism, Liberty, Representative GovernmentMill$4
202483.1New Theory of Vision and Other Writings (Jacket Only)*Berkeley$2
160491.1Minor Elizabethan Drama (Vol 1)Misc$3
159492.1Minor Elizabethan Drama (Vol 2)1stMisc$5
13495.1Smaller Classical DictionarySmith$3
39495.1Smaller Classical DictionarySmith$4
15496.1Literary and Historical Atlas of Europe1stBartholomew$4
97497.1Aucassin and NicoletteMisc$3
131502.1Ring and the BookBrowning$4
130503.1Old Yellow Book1stMisc$8
101504.1Essays on EducationSpencer$3
120505.1Charles Auchester1stSheppard$10
172506.1Select Plays1stBeaumont, Fletcher$4
204518.1Emile (Jacket Only)*Rousseau$3
84528.1Virgin Soil1stTurgenev$8
95528.1Virgin Soil1stTurgenev$6
3552.1Ghosts and Two Other PlaysIbsen$3
42553.1Literary and Historical Atlas of AmericaBartholomew$4
45554.1Dictionary of DatesReference$6
52562.1Life of MazziniKing$2
17571.1Piers PlowmanLangland$2
208611.1Greek Poetry (Jacket Only)*Misc$2
29630.1Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (Vol 1)1stRoget$3
85640AInland Voyage ; Travels with a Donkey1stStevenson$12
171656.1Lost IllusionsBalzac$5
81659.1Pretenders and Two Other Plays1stIbsen$6
103660.1Social Contract and DiscoursesRousseau$3
112660.1Social Contract and Discourses1stRousseau$4
119684.1Pamela (Vol 2)Richardson$2
121684.1Pamela (Vol 2)1stRichardson$3
211698.1Arthurian Romances (Jacket Only)*Troyes$2
55703.1Scottish and Other Miscellanies - Essays Vol 1Carlyle$3
57711.1Poor Folk; GamblerDostoevsky$3
165722.2Heimskringla: Part One - The Olaf Sagas, Volume 2Sturluson$4
102727.1Short History of the English People (Vol 1)Green$3
46728.1Short History of the English People (Vol 2)Green$4
209754.1Journal (Jacket Only)*Fox$1
210792.1Poems and Prophecies (Jacket Only)*Blake$2
176795.1Areopagitica and Other Prose Works1stMilton$7
4796.1Sentimental Journey and Journal to Eliza1stSterne$6
69796.1Sentimental Journey and Journal to Eliza Sterne$3
186800CErewhon or Over the Range1stButler$7
56803.1Brothers Karamavoz (Vol 2)1stDostoevsky$5
11826.1Gargantua and Pantagruel*Rabelais$8
104826.1Gargantua and Pantagruel (Vol 1)Rabelais$1
111856.1Shorter Novels of the Eighteenth CenturyMisc$2
207879.1Shepherd's Calendar (Jacket Only)*Spenser$2
214880.1GudrunArmour (intro + trans)$10
169901.1Poetics; Demetrius on Style ; Horace's Ars PoeticaAristotle$1
178901.1Poetics; Demetrius on Style ; Horace's Ars PoeticaAristotle$3
179901.1Poetics; Demetrius on Style ; Horace's Ars Poetica1stAristotle$6
181984.1Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Abridged)Locke$4
72985.1Silver Poets of the Sixteenth Century*Misc$6
70989.1International Modern Plays1st*Misc$7

128 Books found

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